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Whoo hoo! Ready to support you in a better way thorough my new site!!!


 I have so much new AWAKENING & TRANSFORMATIONAL information literally crashing in of late, that I have created this whole new website with Blogging and other  interaction capability, for us to easily and quickly exchange information and latest news.

Please sign up to get all Blog Posts delivered to your email directly.   Just click on the button to the right on any page  “follow blog via email”.  Otherwise, just check into this site frequently. I have so much to share, inspire,  and be of assistance  in a very personal and meaningful way for you!.

We have just ‘bumped up’ another notch, with so much ripe potential for getting clear and manifesting our hearts desires. For example, if you have been calling out for your new work or next direction in life, your ‘soul families’  and teams are ready to come in.  Or, if this applies..NOW is the time for expanded  life energy and power to flow  into what you are currently involved with, bringing your current work or focus to entirely new level of success and proliferation.

This site supports you with all of this, and more!

* Be sure to check your JUNK box initially after your  Blog Post sign up, to redirect emails to your Inbox if need be.

Although my old HigherAwakening.com website is currently still up, it will be discontinued.  HigherAwakening newsletter will most likely be discontinued as well…as blogging is the way to go!

Please save this new www.AwakeningTransformation.wordpress.com   site for all current activity and postings!

Thanks for taking a look, and  joining  spiritual family through this site!

With Love and Celebration,
Lanaiya King

(PS Note: FYI  you may see advertisements alongside of my Blogs because this site is a free WordPress account.  Advertisements are not endorsed by myself nor my website.)