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The following Question has been asked by many of my clients… the Answer offers a wisdom teaching for your journey and support to self mastery.


I am really struggling today. Is there a specific way that you find most beneficial to COMMAND the universe?

Opportunities to move into a higher alignment within ourselves is being pushed by extraordinary light and energy coming to the planet… causing high emotion, struggle and breakdown showing up for a lot of people. This so called struggle is actually creating  a positive opportunity to change what is out of  alignment. It’s your ‘stuff’ waving a hand saying “look at me…let’s change this!”.

‘Commanding’ the struggle, breakdown, and individual circumstances to be released is only part of the map to the final result of moving beyond. When we Command, “I release _________ to be done forever” , for example, we must follow this decree with our thoughts, words and actions, and also want to change on an inner level.

Often struggle and breakdown continues because we have resistance to letting go of certain outmoded things in our life. We are attached to things that aren’t serving because they are familiar. And sometimes we are in outright fear over letting go of the very thing we want to change.

We cannot have the law of Attraction give us a change or something new if we are still interacting with and thereby feeding the very thing we want to change.

We have to remember to envision and focus on the change we want to create, not on the drama/trauma of the current situation.

Then positively feed the new vision with your thoughts, words and actions, to align with the new manifestation. Have the courage and the trust in yourself to let go of the old mindset, fears, beliefs and behaviors that have you tethered to the Struggle.

Your job, as the change agent for your life, is to vision the end result, and have faith in the Universe to provide the path, through the law of attraction.

Another note… sometimes we struggle because we are not patient, or are wanting to control the situation, rather than release the answer or solution to  our Higher Knowing. Higher intelligence always has the answer…we just need to surrender our lower mind, fears and ego, have trust, and allow the solution to come forth.

After you have ‘Commanded” forth your desires, and aligned your thoughts, words and actions, watch for all fears that come up. You must process (clear) all fears and resistances that show up as a result of your Command/Decree. This is a crucial and often overlooked step, and why the Command/ Decree process often does not work.

For example, if someone sends out a Command/Decree that has, say 6 fears associated with it,  the universe complies with bringing forth those 6 fears, as that is what the energy is calling to. So if you are Decreeing something, and are fearful over actually getting it, your next step is to clear those fears first, have faith and trust in new beginnings, send a new “clean” signal or Command/Decree …and then allow the magic to happen.

Also, be consistent, be kind to yourself and remember we are peeling back multitudes of lifetimes of limiting patterns. We are all works of art in progress.

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