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A new and powerful twist!

After reading this, you will hopefully have a powerful new and sparkly perspective and ability to move beyond fears, doubts, and claim your ability to master your life.

Most of us on the ‘conscious’ path are well aware of the ‘law of attraction’ and how we attract to ourselves more of what we are focusing on….hence the importance to transmute fears and worries of all kinds. You probably also know that as we focus on the positive, we are building a quantum field of light that is shifting our paradigm from all forms of ‘contraction’ meaning, lack, limitation, greed, poverty, illness, struggle, etc.

Blah blah…ok you have this down, right? Read on…

Earth is a free will planet. This means there is a prime directive from Creation of non-interference (remember Star Trek?)

No one is allowed, under universal law to swoop in from the outside, (meaning entities, galactics, etc.) with diabolical schemes. Change is allowed from the INSIDE only, meaning coming from Earth and her inhabitants only.

The Con:
The off planet Dark Agenda wanting to own Earth for themselves, connived a scheme. They located Earthly people (very wealthy and influential) to be their minions. They bribed and mind-controlled these people to set forth multitudes of horrible controlling programs in government, finance ,business, health, education, media and all walks of life. Earth’s population became involved in these programs and people became blind follower’s not questioning, just believing these agendas were serving them. People ‘believe’ the fear base scenarios on the news (see Jade Helm, massive shootings, Weather manipulation, World Trade Towers being an inside job, fema camps, martial law scenarios, ad nauseum). People consider the gloom and doom as suggested in movies (designed as suggestive brain washing) such as San Andreas, Zombie Apacolypse of late.

All of this gives the off planet dark agenda ‘permission’ to invade and ‘make it so’. Through the people’s fears and beliefs that these scenarios are happening, or even MAY happen, this is permission to ‘swoop in’ because the people have invited it.

Fear porn manipulation and lying to the people through media, music, movies, govt. etc. into believing the world is heading for an apocalypse, a fema camp, global financial collapse, WWIII, etc., is everywhere. And of course, you need the help of these liars, to save the day.

So again, please get this! If people on Earth ‘believe’, or even entertain a ‘possibility’ of a fear based scenario to occur, theoretically this indicates a “free will’ choice of the people and permission for the dark agenda to swoop in and ‘make it so’.

But wait, there’s more! The dark agenda has been so brassy to say…’if Earth people are so stupid to to go into fear and believing the scenarios of movies (it’s a MOVIE, duh, right?) and also TV media and passively allowing negative world events, then they deserve to be controlled. ‘ They say, when the fear scenarios are presented, and the people believe it, or do nothing, the people are stupid and deserve to be controlled.

Good news! The dark agenda has LOST. It is not slated by creation to go in this direction. Don’t buy into the sloppy lying antics of this sinking ship. Creation has stepped in with more ‘divine intervention’ being allowed than EVER, due to the gross repeated and deceptive violation of Universal Law.

What you can do!
See this for what is is…a game! Don’t be duped, do something! Practice discipline and self-mastery of your emotions. Do not fall into the trap of being afraid of anything, even on a small level. If you doubt, and make decisions based on fear TO ANY DEGREE you have just invited the fear forward, and have given permission for the last vestiges of the dark agenda…the off planet controllers and on planet Cabal…to ‘make it so’.

Want to speed light, our planetary freedoms and individual awakening up? Quit feeding the fear agenda!

Know who you are! Be Happy! Get out of the Fear game! Don’t buy into it…this can be as easy as changing your mind and staying in a place of loving compassion and positive planetary vision. Embrace your power by making good choices…ones that feed love and positivity!

Flick these fears off like an irritating mosquito…for that is all they really are.

On a final and happy note:
Expect a huge cosmic click on Earth within this year at any time. New life-sustaining programs throughout all walks of life are in process NOW of birthing forth. You are on this planet for a reason.
Your job is easy…stay in your heart and contribute to the light of expansion I whatever way brings you joy.

With Love,
Lanaiya King
Transformational Facilitator & Lifestyle Coach

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