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,fDecree & Invocation of Light…

I call upon Mother Father God, my Guides, the Angels, Ascended Masters, and all the Beings of Light from On High, as I align with my Mighty I Am Presence, the Highest Light of Who I Am and Who I have Forever Been….to assist me with the following:

I NOW call for a complete activation of my 12 Strand DNA and a clearing of all limited beliefs and patterns I may hold at cellular and all other levels, so I may truly experience myself as a Master Being of Love and Light. I also revoke all agreements, oaths, and vows I have ever taken with myself and all others, that involves the experience of “contraction” through limitation, pain and suffering. I NOW move fully into the witness and experience of expansion into my true authentic light, true power and true wisdom.

I NOW call upon the Company of Heaven and my I Am Presence to assist in downloading all the key codes of Light that are necessary for me, to achieve the above decree.

I NOW find myself within the Unified Crystalline Grid of Light, within and around this earth plane, where I am connected to Mother Earth, and more than one million Light workers, as well as all the Beings of Light from On High whom are assisting in the ascension of Earth and her peoples.

I am also surrounded by the violet and golden flame of Cosmic and Universal Unity Consciousness, as I merge completely with my I Am Presence. In this energy of divine communion, infinite divine love and infinite potential, I now expand and magnify the energies 1000 x 1000 fold and beyond, of world peace, love and true freedom for MYSELF FIRST and next for this new golden age.

I envision and create NOW our precious earth, wherein all life creates through love and lives in peace, harmony and in an endless celebration of joy.

I envision and create NOW a world where reverence for all of life is honored and life is acknowledged as sacred.

I envision and create NOW the endless supply of abundance and all things that are beautiful, life supporting and life sustaining.

I envision and create now our planet healed with thriving ecosystems of the land, air and water, and all things necessary and easily provided to bring this about.

I envision and create NOW my discovery of soul and self, and a fulfilling life where my contribution to society makes my heart sing.

I envision and create NOW my divine birth right to experience fulfillment, passion, divine consciousness, divine family life, divine partnership, radiant health, enlightenment, happiness, ease and graceful living.

I move easily and more deeply into my hearts yearnings and envision NOW, “_______” …fill in the blank, and spend some time here.

Finally, with love and gratitude….
From the depth of my being and heart, I decree and declare…
So be it,
And so it is.

With Love,
Lanaiya King
Transformational Facilitator & Lifestyle Coach

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