pearl of wisdomWise Words and Musings

“So glad you didn’t tell me I couldn’t do that, or I wouldn’t have done it.” Lanaiya King

“Lock, shoot, aim” is not always in your best interest.” Michelle Roberts

” Practice looking for love in every situation, especially when you feel no love is there.” Dr. Barbara De Angeles

“Abracadabra is actually Hebrew for ‘I create what I speak.”

“Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed” Friedrich Nietzsche

“Happiness is an inside job.” Ron VanDyke

“The new global currency is LOVE.”

“Be optimistic about what is to come, yet happy about where you are.’ Focus, fascination, equals manifestation…the Law of Attraction gets you every time. ” Fixate on what you want, not on the trauma/drama of what you don’t want. And bless everything in the process.” Which brings me to my next ‘Pearl Of Wisdom’…

” The entire universe re-arranges itself to accommodate YOUR picture of reality. Live responsibly.” Lanaiya King

Inspiration With Love,
Lanaiya King
Transformational Facilitator & Lifestyle Coach

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