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It is time to burst the bond of the paralyzing grip of our human ego… the cause of ALL of our fears, judgements, biases, anxieties, lack, limitations, depression, combative survival mode etc.

We see this everywhere in the world and in our private lives.

Right now, especially through August 20, 2015, is a window of time in support of transforming our egos back to love. Hundreds of thousands of light workers globally are focusing on manifesting this for humanity. (See http://www.eraofpeace.org  World Congress of Illumination).

We all know the power of group focus is HUGE. Results exponentiate out the roof with group participation. No matter where you are, through intention, you can join this massive group energy for your personal empowerment and global focus. Remember, as we do for OURSELVES we do for the ALL for there is NO separation.

Here is my suggestion as to how to diffuse your ego fears and accelerate your personal and planetary light at this time…

PROTOCOL: (easy yet kinda hard!)

Invite the global force of lightworkers , meditating at this time, into your heart to magnify your personal process and contribute to the planetary manifestation of transmuting all ego and resultant fears and suffering.

Now…Be the watcher..pay attention to your words, thoughts and feelings.

  • EVERY TIME…when even the slightest bit of fear, anxiety, anger, frustration judgement, limiting thoughts, negativity etc. comes up…
  • Take a breath and pause.
  • Disconnect from the emotion or situation by simply feel the energy of it.
  • Be still, except your observation.
  • Observe the energy, feel the energy, without engaging with it.
  • Be the watcher..observing. Notice the energy, it’s simply energy.
  • Detatch … do not engage or contribute with drama or trauma.
  • Allow the energy-emotion-sensation to dissipate. It WILL dissipate when you are not fueling it.
  • Invoke the Violet Flame of Transformation, to assist with full transmutation of the energies.

Say NO to your ego and all of your resultant fears and issues with this protocol.

Have fun yet get serious with this. You are the creator of your reality. Nothing is in your life by chance.

As you have created all in your life, you can ‘un-create’ it, with proper focus and protocol. You are the master, but you must engage.

The time is truly NOW.
You are the one you have been waiting for.


With love & support for empowered conscious living,
Lanaiya King

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