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Change is here! .. Is it Light .. or is it Dark?

It’s BOTH…
Culminating  with Imminent VICTORY TO THE LIGHT, an absolute.

Massive  waves of energy have been showering our Earth with exponential force this August, and continuing through September and beyond.  Everyone will be experiencing the effects in a quantifiable and real way….personally, nationally, and globally.

You have been feeling it…perhaps with expansion, anticipation, enthusisam. Or maybe through anxiety, uncertainty or out right collapse in some areas of your life.  Stress or even outright fear over what our nation, and the world is coming to…as all is breaking down and harkening to ludicrous political events that defy logic, morality, and common decency.

Even with our enlightened perspectives, many are experiencing varying degrees of  anxiety as stated above, even if ever so slightly.


We are NOW in a massive AWAKENING EVENT.  It is likened to an elevator. We step in, go UP, the door opens.  We see a wonderful brightness, yummy things, and feel exhilerated. THE DOOR CLOSES and we go down again.

We go Up and we go Down. Over and over.  BUT NOT THIS TIME.

NOW, meaning RIGHT NOW, and into September and October we are being pushed to STEP OUT OF THE ELEVATOR and welcome the experience. BE the experience. Feel the experience. Create the experience… of freedom, love, health, financial well being, healing and cleaning the Earth…whatever is YOUR vision.

This NOW energy has the very very real potential to ignite our 5th dimensional path for us to step into , if we choose.

I personally feel this Fall IS the pinnacle moment of TRUTH and AWAKENING that will turn the tides, forever, on Earth.

Everyone becomes accountable for their actions and held responsible for what they choose. Lovely double edge sword, don’t you think? Light actions, will at this time, have a more enjoyable outcome.

The major dark agenda  push in the world NOW, this Fall, promotes crazy horrible agendas…and is a futile last ditch effort to stop this massive awakening  LIGHT Event. Not possible BTW.

Please re-think…re-evaluate yourself…are you are fueling dark agendas with your anxieties, doubts, judgements, fears?

Or will you get on that elevator, soar as high as it takes you, step out, and be a part of the creation of our new Golden Age of Awakening?

Kind of a no brainer…so let’s get strong and focused.  Let this BLOG hopefully hone you to your TRUE and empowered  direction. Get  back to Energy Practices 101 if  necessary.

Remember, we are the ones we have been waiting for. Choose your thoughts, words and actions wisely and consciously.

Celebrate the Light you came here to create, live and share. The roller coaster is stuck on ‘UP’ this fall.  CLIMB IN and have the ride of your life!


With love & support for empowered conscious living,
Lanaiya King

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