About Lanaiya

nhijo“Lanaiya King is truly someone who has healing gifts and abilities way beyond this world”…Rama Pemmaraju Rao, MD

I was born in New York State, earned my Bachelors of  Science degree at the University of  Massachusetts and have lived and traveled extensively throughout the world, including  Japan and Australia.

I had an  intense and unusual ‘wake up’ call in 1986 while living in Tokyo, where my telepathic communication abilities and  healing gifts  suddenly emerged. As a result of massive inner knowing coming on line,  my entire life dramatically changed.  I subsequently left Tokyo and  the business world of international finance and marketing, relocated back to the United States with my two babies, and began my service as a  Lightworker  to humanity.  Beyond many  certifications in various forms of ‘energy medicine’ and other studies, I have  brought forth my own unique gifted process of spiritual transformation, sound and energy healing, through what I have  “remembered” from the mastery of my soul, rather than what I have ‘learned’ in this lifetime.

With my work, swift and profound mental, emotional and physical balancing occurs, if you are ready and willing.  This occurs, in part, through re-mapping your body and energy perfected ‘blueprints’ or ‘templates’,  resulting in not only healing, but dynamic positive life change.   Many inspired visions, messages, and insights are brought forth  through the work from on high, offering divinely inspired insights and  suggestions regarding life issues and choices before you.

As Crystal Tone Sound Healer,  I assist with recoding your body/DNA through the use of powerful tones emanating through my voice, often with intense and immediate results. These sound and energy voice  projections direct myriad light codes and command signals for healing on all levels. Many sessions include rapid breakthrough of the old, fear based patterns and stepping into your true, lighted self and innate wisdom.

My keynote soul signature is Divine Self Actualization. This will be activated for you through the work.  Who are you? What makes you ‘tick’ as a unique being? What can we do together to bring you into alignment with this? ‘Divine Actualization’ is the  mainstay thread  to heal and balance the body first, develop clarity, and then open, awaken, discover, and ignite your journey to well-being and happiness.

Healing and true growth through higher consciousness  is an ‘experiencial and ‘ inside’ job. We pull out the weeds and plant new flowers in your ‘inner landscape” garden, resulting in your ‘outer landscape” ( or life) to flourish.

I am here to assist you in “living your light”,  empowering your true self and life path, thereby  becoming a magnetic  beacon for all whom choose to join and support you on your magnificent journey.

Transformation with Lanaiya King —

Certifications & Credentials:

Bachelor of Science, University of Mass., Amherst, MA
Ordained Minister, Order of Melchizedek, Church of Sanbeloved
Certified Hypnotherapist: Hypnosis School of Western America, UT
Third Degree Reiki Master
Massage Therapist, Baltimore School of Massage, MD
Certified Theta Healing I & II

Transformational Facilitator & Lifestyle Coach
Emissary of Light, and Way Shower for an Awakening Humanity
Blueprint and Light Codemaster
Crystal Tone Singer


Disclaimer: Lanaiya King is not a medical doctor. Sessions or workshops are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure.  All  information on this website, and information brought forth in private sessions and workshops are the opinion of Lanaiya King, and are not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional . For medical treatment please seek a qualified health care professional.

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