Sessions & Services

Private Transformational Sessions
USA and Worldwide


By Appointment:

Phone:  801-604-2585
Skype:  Lanaiya.King

$125 USD / hour

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Home or Office Clearing & Energy Upgrade

Create A Living Light Vortex in Your Home, Property, or Office.


Includes placement of energetic crystalline light grids, clearing negative and unsupportive energies from prior occupants, sick family members, entities, etc., and establishing a permanent high vibrational, life enhancing ‘light vortex’.

Specific intentions are placed and amplified within the vortex, creating a chamber of living interactive-light, to nurture and support loving and healthy living or working.

Feel the Upgrade!

By appointment … contact Lanaiya King:
Phone: 801-604-2585

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Remotely via phone: $125


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On site (Salt Lake City area only) $150




Bring these workshops to your friends, groups, or home town!

Contact Lanaiya King:
Phone: 801-604-2585

(See ‘Calendar’ for currently scheduled workshops & events)

Workshops Topics Include:

Group ‘Tune-Ups’ (get ‘un-stuck’, re-balanced, aligned & expanded ~ workshop

The Toolkit ~ Tools for Personal Transformation ~ workshop

Learn Intuitive Healing ~ workshop

Experience ‘Toning’ & Learn Vibrational Sound Healing ~ workshop

Group Past Life Regression ~ workshop

Hypnosis Self-Help Techniques ~ workshop

Working with Crystals ~ workshop

‘Specific to Your Group’ … custom tailored ~ workshop


Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Session

In Person Only, not available by phone.


About Your Regression:

This powerful hypnotherapy session leads you into one or several past lives that have meaning, healing and answers to questions you are seeking now in your current life. Unlike traditional hypnotherapy, in your past life regression with Lanaiya King, you will make an intimate connection with your subconscious mind (also called the higher self or universal mind). This is an aspect of you that has all of the memory, knowledge and infinite wisdom of your soul, including all lifetime incarnations.

Access to this part of your memory is mostly blocked by the critical thinking mind, or waking state. With your regression, we will bypass this part of the mind, and gain access to lifetimes that hold keys to understandings that are important for you here and now.

Once a connection to your subconscious mind is opened during your session, it often becomes easier for you to access answers and guidance during your normal waking state.

Benefits you may receive:

Profound healing and positive change may occur as a result of these sessions on a physical, emotional, and life level. A bigger life picture may emerge as to who you truly are. Previously attained mastery, skills and talents may be illuminated helping you to shift into a more rewarding life direction. Understandings regarding challenges in your life may be understood to allowing rapid healing.

The true power of your regression resides in the fact that YOU are accessing YOUR OWN answers through the power and direction of your subconscious mind, who has the ability to identify root cause and then heal all forms of disabilities, be they psychological or physical. If there is resistance, we will either work through it, or give homework for you to work on.

The Process:

~ Come with a list of issues you would like to focus on….health issues, relationship questions, life purpose, the sky is the limit. Write them all down, with the most important ones first.~ We will have a lengthy discussion about your life, childhood, who the major people are in your life including family, partners, friends, etc. This knowledge is crucial, so I may navigate you through your regression experience by asking the right kind of questions, thereby directing you to the answers you are seeking.

~ All of your questions will be answered about hypnotherapy, regression, and our session, allowing you to become totally comfortable and relaxed with the process before we begin.

~ After we review your list of what you would like to achieve, you will then be asked to surrender the process of your regression to your Subconscious Mind….who knows exactly which lifetime(s) to take you to, to receive your healing and answers.

~ Towards the middle of your regression, I will invite your Subconscious in directly, to answer specific questions that have not already been addressed. This is where the real magic happens.

~ You will come out of hypnosis feeling peaceful, refreshed and wonderful in every way.

Final notes:

The focus of your session is therapeutic, for personal healing, understanding, improvement, and life empowerment.

All sessions are In Person (no phone sessions available due to the intensity and depth of the process)

Your session will last a half a day. Morning and afternoon sessions available.

Contact Lanaiya King:
Phone: 801-604-2585

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Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Session $333


flowers and butterfly

Disclaimer: Lanaiya King is not a medical doctor. Sessions or workshops are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure.  All  information on this website, and information brought forth in private sessions and workshops are the opinion of Lanaiya King, and are not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional . For medical treatment please seek a qualified health care professional.

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