Success Stories


I am still on a ‘high’ from our session. I can’t thank you enough again, I definitely feel lighter and energetic! After our session yesterday, I took a long walk in a beautiful park across town. I was so expanded in my heart and with my  feelings from our session. Wonderful! I appreciate you sharing your wonderful gift and being a support to those of us drawn to you! Thanks for being You.  
Cheri, Santa Rosa, CA

Thank you for the Ancestral Lineage and Past Life release! The slate is clean and I know who I am. I open my arms to unlimited abundance and wealth. I am at peace and thank you and bless you a thousand times!!
Amanda Moxley, Body and Soul Coach

Every once in a while an incredible person of Spirit comes across our path. This woman is Lanaiya King. I met her recently and my session with her was beyond words. It is something to be experienced for those who are ready to make a quantum leap in their spiritual journey.
Trisha, Nurse Practicioner,  San Clemente, CA

Lanaiya’s work makes Reiki and other modalities of healing look pale.  She is on a high level with the Masters that is unparalleled and is a truly inspired healer.
Sandra Habekost ,Celestine Gifts and Books,Pottstown, PA

I have told people that my experience with you was one of the more powerful experiences of my life.  Thanks for being on the planet and doing what you do.
John, Salt Lake City, UT

I feel like I am taking a quantum leap after our time on Friday.
Tom, Salt Lake City, UT

I loved the Akashic Records class.  It was an awesome experience and I appreciate all of the love and support. I am so grateful for having some frustrating questions answered for me. It gave me such validation that I am receiving my own true guidance.  I am excited about becoming more familiar with how I receive information. Thank you for helping me on my path.
Lori, Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you so much for helping me release everything I was holding inside.  It was amazing. I could really just feel all this weight being lifted from me and being replaced with warmth and light. I feel a strong sense of comfort and peace now after a long chaotic pattern of emotions.
Shari, Salt Lake City, UT 

Lanaiya has been an emissary in my life and countless others whom she so lovingly assists, in bridging a place where they currently are, to a whole new world of endless possibilities
Patricia A. Hill, Owner, Key Designs, Secane, PA

I have had so much healing in my life since I saw you. My depression was gone as soon as I left your table, and I was on a high all the rest of the day.  It is soooo wonderful to have the depression gone.  I was afraid I was going to have to go on medication it was so bad, but thanks to you and your wonderful gifts, I’m fine.
Marlene, Park City, UT

Lanaiya King is truly someone who has healing gifts and abilities way beyond this world.  She is able to work in groups and one-on-one, in clearing, and releasing many aspects of the self that are lodged deeply within our system and auric field.  She provides intuitive insights that allow us to move forward in positive directions. She helps those who are taking a higher road and need help and guidance with the many shifts occurring within the body, mind, emotions and our ever-evolving enlightenment.
Rama Pemmaraju Rao, MD,   Dallas, TX

I highly recommend Lanaiya’s work for anyone who is “stuck” in a rut in any way! There is a reason behind everything and her amazing “clearings” have made it possible for me to push through my issues to get where I want to be. She has even totally cleared my house over the phone! (yes, those bad vibes are a thing…), and her re-balancing efforts were felt instantly. She is an amazing person who can uncover the real energetic blocks and reasons of why things are negatively happening to you behind the scenes.  Lanaiya  provides amazing help in overcoming  life challenges.  Keep up the good work!!!
Star R., Marketing Executive, Centreville, MD

I see Lanaiya because her sessions raise my vibration and open me to all that I really am… embrace the miracle of her work and what it does for you. For me, Lanaiya is like a living master who assists me in raising my consciousness and keeping my vibration clean so that I can continue to help others to heal in my work.
Leslie, Los Angeles, CA

The following message of the greatest Teacher in my life will perhaps inspire you to know her and most importantly yourself much better. I have found Lanaiya King to be the most valued healer the world may ever know.

We could discuss how she may help you mold the Morphogenic
Fields surrounding you or how she may blend your Matrix so
you may work more efficiently within your chosen field of
endeavor or how she may help heal you of this that or the

The bottom line is, if you choose to work with Lanaiya,
you will have her infinite attention. What will come out of it will
be You, with all of the tools and power to make your world an
enriched place to be in. You will have rediscovered you’re true being-ness, and if you listen Very closely to what is shared with you, and embrace her Transformational Energy Work, then you will have it all.
Kenn Hugh, Truck Driver, Tennessee

Thank you for what you did for all of us last night, it was wonderful and truly needed for me at this time.  I also noticed my nighttime blurry vision was cleared up on my drive home, I could read the signs way ahead!
Rose, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you Lanaiya, and thank you so much for your work and love, I really appreciate the information and healing you bring to me and so many others! You have been such a facilitator of change in my life it is incredible! I truly am blessed to have the opportunity to work with you!
Michelle, Park City, UT

While it is not always easy to do light work on this planet, I am letting you know, that I will be eternally grateful for your significant impact upon my life and what I am unfolding into.
Donna Strong, Author  Hutington Beach,  CA

I just wish to thank you for all the work you’ve done (so far) with my daughter Cecilia and for me as well!  Your work is so valuable and special to so many people and so very much needed.
Monica, Park City, UT

Thank you so much for helping me heal. You are such a beautiful soul.  You have touched my heart deeply.  Thank you for empowering, enriching and transforming my life.
Aldena, Massage Therapist and Business Owner,  Park City, UT

I can’t thank you enough for the Toning Workshop.  I am always amazed at your abilities and to actually take part was a privilege.  I am sure this is going to play a big part for me in my life.
Pam, Salt Lake City, UT

I want to tell you that the work you do is so awesome.  I have experienced tremendous healing from it.
Janette, Wellness Coach, Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you for the monumental treatment last week, I really feel a major shift in my being.
Maggie, Sony Pictures,  Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for our wonderful session. I feel a tremendous difference in my energy and cheerfulness. My husband noticed too. You are an amazing and inspiring woman.
Cricket, Charlotte, VT

I attended your Group Healing Circle for the first time, and it was wonderful and extremely powerful. It seems you explained and opened up a whole new way of meditating for me, and I’m certain others, as the vibrantly strong energy became activated with the numbers of people involved.  Thank you for the beautiful afternoon-you are an extremely beautiful woman, inside and out.  You have wonderful energy and sitting next to you was very powerful.
Marie, Salt Lake City, UT

The Transformational Healing workshop was life changing. I am profoundly grateful. I loved how much fun it was and also how positive, caring and supportive, in such a beautiful setting.  I feel as though I have a newly created life. Your seminar uplifted the world, one life at a time!
Kathryn, Salt Lake City, UT


Disclaimer: Lanaiya King is not a medical doctor. Sessions or workshops are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure.  All  information on this website, and information brought forth in private sessions and workshops are the opinion of Lanaiya King, and are not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional . For medical treatment please seek a qualified health care professional.


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