Working with Lanaiya


“This will not be your ordinary energy session or workshop; many unique, profound and inspired gifts will occur for you, if you are ready.” Patricia, Secane, PA

My ‘Lightwork” is supercharged with very life-changing potential of providing dramatic improvement in your life. You will be required to do your part by working and committing yourself to your process.

Together, we work on many levels to assist you in profoundly moving forward in your life by breaking through discord, blocks and unwanted patterns, to facilitate breakthrough in critical areas of health, work and life, and more.


Clients Have Received the Following Benefits:

Spiritual Liberation and fulfilling your soul’s potential
Clarity with specific life issues in relationships, work, family, etc.
Communications from your guides & support “teams of light”
Increased  connection to higher self & inner knowing for clarity, direction & answers
DNA clearing and activation
Clearing stress, doubt and fear
Deep ancestral lineage and past life clearing
Increased physical health and vitality, healing without drugs or surgery
Ability to move forward in life, beyond stagnation and recycling of old patterns
Heightened creativity and inspiration, being in the flow of life
Greater experience of peace, love and well-being
New awareness of purpose and direction
Release of fears and phobias and addictions
Sound sleep
Life beyond pain
Resolving dysfunctional patterns, clearing of entrenched or core issues
Entity and lower astral clearing
Spiritual gifts and talents awakening
Increased healing abilities / awakening your healer within
Galactic and star family connection
Physical, emotional, mental freedom
New start in Life


Disclaimer: Lanaiya King is not a medical doctor. Sessions or workshops are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure.  All  information on this website, and information brought forth in private sessions and workshops are the opinion of Lanaiya King, and are not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional . For medical treatment please seek a qualified health care professional.

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