Welcome to Awakening Transformation!



This site provides you with critical assistance in navigating the  profound  and exciting new paradigm shifts and transformations taking place today.

Higher consciousness, cutting-edge ‘real’ news, wisdom teachings, transformational tools, self empowerment sessions, workshops, and forums for higher understanding are just the beginning!

Let us assist you in becoming a beacon of light, through personal healing and empowerment …for yourself, your family, and thereby the world.

As you do for yourself, you do for all of humanity… for there is no separation.

To become a way-shower, and bridge-builder … is that not why you are here? As you read this message, it is no accident. Awaken your dreamer within and become all you can be.

I am thrilled to be sharing my heart, gifts , light and our awakening together.
Until further notice, Celebrate!
With Love and Joy,
Lanaiya King, Your Site Host

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5 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Judy from Ohio said:

    This is the most fabulous site for info, healing, and amazing out of the old box perspectives…I love it! Thanks Lanaiya for all of your help, and motivating me to become a better person!


  2. Alma pufal said:

    Congratulations !


  3. Peter Bunderson said:

    A very cool lady. I’m getting better from a fifteen year bout with myasthenia gravis. Her work was key in my recovery. She is a guide that can help anybody.


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