Sounds crazy, right?

I’m not talking about the couch potato boredom out of laziness, not stepping up to taking care of yourself, or checking out on life.

I am talking about the boredom that almost always shows up after a powerful workshop or experience you have gone through. One that has accelerated and lifted you to to new heights.

With almost certainty, after events such as these, within a few weeks, boredom sets in. You may feel the spiritual potency going away. You may feel the urging to forget the new practices and teachings, and go back to your old way. Worse, you may doubt.

Why is this? Boredom has shown up to show that you are on the right path!

You see, that pesky ego wants to control everything and keep you busily distracted from all things spiritual, and cosmically connected to your innate infinite wisdom. The ego wants to keep you busy in the finite and limited arena, with a plethora of urgings and choices that are outside-and-away-from your internal knowing.

When you have gone through a spiritual event and get connected, you don’t need choices. You don’t need to ponder and worry about what is right for you. You don’t need to endlessly be searching for the right answers, through books, classes, researching, thinking, lists and goals, etc. All of a sudden, you simply KNOW.

Choices and and endless stream of distracting DOING becomes obsolete. You become quiet. You have more time. Your life becomes so much easier and less busy.

Now enters Boredom. You have been accustomed to lots of doing; figuring things out. Your ego is poking you with that little irritating stick called boredom. Your ego wants a job. It is testing you.

This is a big fireworks PA BOOM signal that you are on the right track. Living from your infinite heart with your infinite knowing is beginning to kick in. This is the critical time to keep on going with your spiritual process. Do not revert back to following ego mind chatter, doubts or insecurities that are showing up…to get you ‘busy’ again.

Do not succumb to the impulse to mindless doing and busyness. Fill in the spaces with calm assuredness. Go out in nature. Do something nice for yourself. Breathe. Relax.

Stay in your center and keep going. In time you will come out of the Boredom Sensation Stage and merge into a completely magical place of new awareness. This is a process, and you are walking the bridge from the noisy ego self to a state where all of the answers and direction in your life comes from within, and you simply know.

Celebrate boredom as a signal you are on a masterful path to higher consciousness! Keep going using your own eternal light to blaze the path before you!

With Love and Joy,
Lanaiya King
Transformational Facilitator

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